DIY Cabinet Installation

We weren’t completely satisfied with the kitchen layout, so brought in Jerry from Discount Cabinets to come up with some new layout design ideas. Our kitchen will be the center of our home, and very visible in the main living space. We hope to have some flexibility in the floor plan, so eliminated part of the L-shaped island in hopes of creating a single island piece on wheels, which could connect well with our dining table, if we need more counter space for cooking, or a larger seating area if entertaining a crowd.

While we need a fair amount of storage for our many cooking adventures, we will also build a broom/pantry closet in the adjoining hallway, and will up-cycle the old cabinets in the garage, for storing bulky items we use less often, such as our big kimchi crocks and canning supplies. We also hope to create a flexible floor plan by keeping all built-ins to the walls, and making the island and table mobile–one never knows when a large, clear space for dancing may be needed after a dinner party!

The cabinets arrived just as we finished laying the floors. We inspected each carefully as we unloaded and unboxed them all. We placed the cabinets around the kitchen and in each of the bathrooms, to be sure we had all we needed, and that the actual cabinets matched our vision.

The upper cabinets were installed first, so that the space beneath them would be unobstructed. Jeff and Dean first measured and marked level lines where the cabinets would be placed. To make holding the cabinets up at the correct place easier, they installed a temporary “ledger board” where the cabinet bottoms would line up. They measured again, rechecked that all was level, then started screwing cabinets into the wall studs.

When all the sinks were “set” securely, the sinks were set in place so the countertops could be measured and ordered.

A cabinet end was attached to create an area for the dishwasher next to the kitchen sink. We double-checked our measurements on spaces for appliances, and made sure everything was perfectly level.

Now, finally, we are ready to choose countertops!

Gothic Stone’s Joe and son Joey advise us on countertop options

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