The Remodeling Journey Begins

Join us as we make a fixer-upper into a healthy, beautiful home that fits our life and our world.  The journey is part of the adventure, and we hope it inspires you to make your own home a place a beauty, comfort and love.

The Setting
Our Sunnybrook Lane property is situated on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

The lovely little home on Sunnybrook Lane was built by Jeff in 1993, as a rental investment.  It was occupied for the last two decades by the same occupant. When he left, we decided the home was just the blank canvas we wanted, to create a home that fit our new life together, as a newly engaged couple.  At 1300 square feet, with three bedrooms, two baths and a generous lot with an awe-inspiring view of the mountains, it can become the perfect habitat for our lifestyle.  We love to travel, dance, garden, and cook, and yoga is part of our daily lives. We eat organically and live sustainably as we can, though we also like some comforts and little life luxuries.  We are keeping the budget tight, as we want to travel much and work only as much as we like. Can one little house on an acre of beauty become the ecosystem we need?  And can we actually do it all, inside and out, for under fifty grand?! It will take some creativity and effort, but we intend to do it, DYI…with some help where needed. Join us on our journey, learn from our mistakes, and be inspired by our victories; we hope the little house on Sunnybrook Lane inspires you to turn your own home and yard into the habitat that holds you kindly.

Jeff’s a landscaper and surfer; Lisa is a chef and massage therapist. We need a home that accommodates all we love to do, comfortably and beautifully.  Since our interests are varied, we want a home that is flexible enough to accommodate all the activities we love, and be able to hold all the “stuff” that goes along with our hobbies and occupations. Jeff’s collection of surfboards is amazing, a wonderful legacy of exciting times on waves all over the world. Lisa’s kitchen capers require a bit of equipment, her massage business needs a home, and both of us have a lifetime of memories we bring to our later-in-life love.  Both over fifty (we’ll leave it at that…), we each have two grown children, and already a grandchild on the way.  So, not only are we meshing our own lives and objects of importance to us, but we’re also bringing two distinct family heritages together in this space. 

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